Peace Of Mind

Casera leadership. We are the leader in estate management and maintenance services with over $500MM in luxury estate value under our guardianship. Your home is treated as our own – exacting the best attention and materials in the care of your home.

Casera trust.  Committed to customer service and satisfaction, managing the best, most highly trusted network of professionals and specialists available. You enjoy a single point of contact for all of your property needs who understands your home, your lifestyle and shares your vision.

Casera expertise. Combining over 100 years of experience ensuring that every aspect of your home is well maintained, preserving its value and always showing it’s best. Ask us how to partner today to keep your home at its finest.


Casera has the experience and expertise on staff to manage every aspect of any residential project, large or small. Our in-house construction management team acts as the homeowner-advocate overseeing construction, remodel, and landscape related projects.

Our team has the knowledge and expertise keenly attuned with an eye towards the future and the ability to foresee trouble ahead. We control and prevent what can be prepared for and craft plans to meet the unexpected with confidence.

Casera’s dedicated Account Managers will provide a comprehensive preventative maintenance program tailored to the specific needs of each estate. We identify and anticipate every possible necessity to ensure uninterrupted enjoyment and continuity of your family’s lifestyle.

    • Build extensions, additions and renovations
    • Add decks, patios, garages, and greenhouses
    • Upgrade finishes, cabinetry, lighting, windows and doors
    • Refresh interior, exterior paint, and landscaping
    • Accent with architectural details and window treatments
    • Beautify with fountains, fire pits and sculptures


    • Establish fire perimeters, weather and sun protection
    • Control pests and weeds, tree trimming and pruning
    • Prepare emergency plans, safety analysis and energy audits
    • Prevent with child proofing, service inspections, and treatments
    • Test air quality, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, circuits and breakers


    • Sustain electrical, security systems, plumbing and irrigation
    • Service furnaces, air conditioning, sumps, pumps and motors
    • Adjust fences, gates, doors, windows, cabinets and lighting
    • Clean gutters, driveways, windows, carpets, tile and hardwood floors
    • Monitor installers, inspectors, cleaning, and landscaping services



Casera caters to a sophisticated and elite clientele.
Our customers are the Executive Management of top firms including Venture Capital,
Fortune 100 firms and Incubator Start Ups.


“Casera is not just about maintaining your home, but about preserving its value, keeping it safe, making it look great and most importantly, avoiding crises.”
– Linda Yates & Paul Holland

“We have the utmost confidence in Casera. We rely on them to keep our home in proper condition. Preventive Maintenance is performed throughout the house with care and professionalism. If there is a special need, they are always available to provide us the the necessary service. I have and will recommend Casera to my colleagues, associates and friends.”
– John & Ellen Drew

“The quality of Casera’s work is unmatched. Things we used to worry about are now taken care of. It’s a relief to know my home is the care of the Casera team.”
– Warren Weiss

“Casera really improves the quality of our lives by making our home maintenance so easy. Not only do they respond promptly to matters we notice, but their thorough staff often identify issues before we do and prevent a small problem from becoming a larger one. Casera is a real pain reliever for the headaches of home ownership.”
– Ross & Eve Jaffe



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