Providing you with privacy, trusted vendors, and meticulous home maintenance: Casera is your home advocate.

Trusted Vendor Network
Casera checks the backgrounds of all employees, and sets the rules for our third-party relationships to ensure your trust and security. Our vendors are dependable extensions of the Casera family.
A Detailed Process that Works
We inventory and catalog all appliances, record their service codes to solve issues on the spot without making a call to your home; and uniquely label multiples of the same appliance.
Monthly + Project Work Estimates
Our scheduled preventative maintenance monitors your electrical, mechanical, garden, and everything else. We are happy to furnish you with a work estimate for any red flags we see or improvements you request.
Maintenance that's Not Just Routine
As your partner in home maintenance, we scrutinize everything with a fresh set of eyes every time.
Working with Your Existing Team
We take pride in working congruently and collegially with everyone who serve your home daily—chefs, dog walker, house manager. This is critical to how we are the best at what we do.
Clear Communication
You’ll know your wins with Casera. We'll tell you where we’ve averted problems, and how much money and time that has saved you.
We Protect Your Privacy
We only engage those that adhere to the highest levels of propriety, professionalism and discretion. Their work and time on your property are never discussed off your property.
Catered to Your Life
Our clients trust us to understand their lifestyle, know their home, and just take care of it. Our goal is to thoroughly resolve your home’s issues before they become problems.
Your On-site Consultation
We will assess everything in your home. Then, with your approval, we'll bring it up to Casera's set standards. Your home will begin its preventative maintenance rotation in the best condition.

About Casera

Casera is a luxury home preservation and maintenance company entrusted to handle more than 60 primary residences in the Greater Bay Area including Atherton, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Palo Alto, Woodside, Portola Valley, Hillsborough, San Francisco and Marin County. We also care for second homes, beach houses, and ski cabins throughout California and beyond.

Our two main services are a monthly preventative maintenance (PM) inspection service, and a demand maintenance (DM) service. We are fully insured and licensed.

We’ve Got a Guy For That…

The complexity of modern life can lead to many issues. We’ve got a team of trusted, discreet professionals who can make things right again.


A/C Refrigerant Pressure Check, Test and Recharge

Auto Gate Service

Carpet Cleaning

Gym Equipment Service

Maid Service – Daily, weekly, monthly or one time. Supplement existing service or provide complete service.


Gardening Services – Manage or Hire

Gutter Cleaning

Pool Cover and Vault Cleaning

Pool Service and Repair

Pressure Washing

Window Cleaning


Full Concierge Services: party or event support to second home seasonal management

Emergency Preparedness & Security Risk Analysis

Insurance Review / Risk Management Utility / Energy Efficiency Studies

Tech Support